About Us

For the Love of Dog

US Doggie Bakery has been keeping dogs happy and healthy for close to ten years, and counting! We started this business out of a love for adorable furballs and a genuine concern for their health and wellness. Besides providing yummy wholesome treats for dogs, we also help dog owners to understand the differences between diets for dogs and humans.

Over the years, we’ve developed our recipes to doggie diet perfection and are proud to present over 200 menu items, from baked pastries to cookies, cakes and meals!

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The Baker’s Promise

As the first dog bakery in Singapore to be licensed by AVA, all our ingredients certified as doggie diet-friendly!

In fact, we are 100% committed to using only fresh, human-grade ingredients. Our recipes contain absolutely NO salt, NO sugar, NO chemicals, NO preservatives, and NO additives.

We subject all our menu items, from the ingredients, cooking processes, to the finished product, to the testing and approval of our board of vets and dog nutritionists.

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