Doggie Tales


“After signing up for the Tingkat Meal Package 3 months ago, I must say that it has saved me a lot of hassle from having to cook for my dog! I am particularly impressed by the wide variety of meals and treats USDB offers. My dog Sebastian has been spoilt for choice and he definitely loves the food! This is great news especially since Sebastian has various medical conditions, but USDB had no problems customizing his meals accordingly! Thank you so much USDB!”

-Monica, Owner of Sebastian 


“Our dog, Freeway, has been on the tingkat meal program for several months now. She looks forward to the tingkat delivery each week and especially loves the Roast Lamb with Potatoes, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Meatloaf and Lamb Bacon Buns!”

-Owner of Freeway


“Bailey, my chi-pom, really enjoyed the chicken don and the lamb-o-guine! The chicken chawanmushi is also proving a hit!”

-Dawn, Owner of Bailey


“Thanks for the cake made according to our special request! It tasted like any normal strawberry cake we had before in other bakeries. From the look on my dog’s expression you can tell how happy he was! Thank you!

-Karen Lim


“Your doggie food is really delicious! All the doggies that came to my Xmas party enjoyed it very much, and some even stole food from others!”

-Rachel Goh